The Bureau of Industry is hiring for the following positions.  General Engineer, Export Compliance Specialist, Export Policy Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, and Administrative Support Specialist in our Washington DC Headquarters.  Additional, Criminal Investigators are needed in Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles and San Jose, California and Manassas, Virginia.  They positions are being filled noncompetitively and will be open until filled.   Please review the job descriptions to determine your qualifications.  Resumes and other supporting documents may be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


BI0771 GS-1101-12 Export Policy Analyst
BI0589 GS-1101-13 Export Policy Analyst
BI0590 GS-1101-14 Export Policy Analyst

BI0624 GS-1801-12 Export Compliance Specialist
BI0654 GS-1801-13 Export Compliance Specialist
BI0753 GS-1801-14 Senior Export Compliance Specialist

BI0679 GS-0801-14 General Engineer 

ORSA   GS-14 Operations Research Analyst


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